Chelsea Green buys Slowspoke


Chelsea Green Publishing will re-publish Slowspoke:  A Unicyclist’s Guide to America in the fall.  Mark Schimmoeller and Alice Peck Editorial signed a contract with them on May 3.




A good crowd, despite a winter storm warning, came to Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Lexington, KY to hear Mark Schimmoeller read from Slowspoke on March 2.  Upcoming readings are currently being scheduled.  Meanwhile, in honor of a lingering winter, a poem:


Being Here


The ice storm comes at night, the pingsplish

at the window panes

for hours


and in the morning

we are all caught as if by

a camera click


in a quick silver grip.


We are bent toward something

we can’t get out of


in this cold.


Look at the cedar,

some already at the ground.


As for me, it’s early February,


and I’ve probably been captured

doing something with wood

perhaps stacking six pieces of split

Osage orange on top of criss-crossed

kindling and newsprint

in a tiny cast iron stove,

then kneeling down in a chilly house

before sunrise


to strike a match,


and this can’t be a scary thing

to find yourself here

like you’ve never left (for me,

fourteen winters lighting this stove)


because this isn’t everything, you’ll

go on to boiling oatmeal, peeling

hardboiled eggs, writing,

walking the dogs with

two dog treats in the pocket,

sawing wood for the following winter, the chainsaw

scattering sawdust the color of summer

over the snow.


But hold this pose

for now,


keep it

a little longer.



Mark Schimmoeller will read from Slowspoke at Joseph Beth Booksellers in Lexington, Kentucky on Sunday, March 2, at 2:00 pm.  He will be with two other local authors.  It will be his first reading at a bookstore since Publishers Weekly gave Slowspoke a starred review.





Mark Schimmoeller will read from Slowspoke at the Wild Goose Cafe in Owenton, KY on Friday, February 21 at 7:00 pm. Local poets will join him there, including Trina Peiffer and Reid Bush.

special note:  Slowspoke was selected to be the “Opening Lines” header in the Kansas City Star Books Section, February 9, 2014.

Publishers’ Weekly gave Slowspoke a starred review on February 17, 2014.  (To read, click on the website “Reviews” tab.)